1’000 Self Service users, 3’000 Change Requests

Since the dnswl.org Self Service went live in mid December 2015, we got over 1’000 Self Service user signups, and these users created over 3’000 Change Requests. Of course we are happy about the great up-take of the Self Service in the community.

If you also want to manage your own IP addresses and associated data at dnswl.org, please go to https://www.dnswl.org/selfservice/.

For those that are already registered, a few points to keep in mind:

  • Just adding your domain name will not provide much value. We work mainly on IP addresses of mail servers, so you should add these IP addresses.
  • When you add IP addresses, make sure they have meaningful reverse DNS entries (PTR records), and that the reverse and forward DNS are consistent.
  • Yes, you can add IPv6 addresses.
  • You will receive regular notifications from dnswl.org about DNS becoming inconsistent and other signs of stale data. In the future, we may expand this to cover eg information from our spam traps and similar mechanisms.
  • We intend to add more features to the Self Service. Check back regularly to see what is new.