Who is using our data, and how?

Over 100’000 organisations are querying our data directly, and countless others are using our data indirectly through anti-spam vendors and blacklists who use our data.

The following is a small selection of organisations who are using our data.

Software/Anti-Spam Vendors

Rspamd has our IP-based reputation included in the default rulest.

SpamAssassin has our IP-based reputation included in the default ruleset.

eXpurgate is including the data in rulesets.

Kaspersky Labs uses the data in the email filtering products, covering > 400mio users and > 270k organisations.

Fort Systems Ltd., maker of BarricadeMX Plus, DefenderMX Lite and Cleanfeed Service.

Team Cymru

LogSat Software, a spam filter server for Windows


Jisc Services Ltd (formerly ja.net), serving UK education and research, bringing together over a million users.

Posteo.de, a mailbox provider.

Endusers (organisations)

kde.org, makers of the KDE graphical desktop.

Free Software Foundation Europe, fsfe.org, is a charity that empowers users to control technology.

Redhat, a technology company best known for its Linux distribution.