“Who am I”?

When dealing with DNS-based white- and blacklists at significant volume, it is important to know which nameserver is actually being used – and it is often not trivial to identify this: The “inside” IP you see may be different from the IP(s) seen from the outside, or there may be several hops between the nameserver you are querying and the one seen from the Internet.

That’s why a number of services are available to find out “who you are” in terms of nameservers.

From our point of view, this check is of course important – whether your nameserver IP is blocked from querying dnswl.org data:

dig -t txt amiblocked.dnswl.org

Check the outside IPv4/IPv6 address of your nameserver

dig o-o.myaddr.l.google.com -t txt
dig -t a whoami.v4.powerdns.org
dig -t aaaa whoami.v6.powerdns.org
dig -t txt whoami.v4.powerdns.org
dig -t txt whoami.v6.powerdns.org
dig -t txt whoami-ecs.v4.powerdns.org
dig -t txt whoami-ecs.v6.powerdns.org
dig -t a whoami.akamai.net
dig -t aaaa whoami.akamai.net

The following are different types of test:

Randomness test, see https://www.dns-oarc.net/oarc/services/porttest for information:

dig -t txt porttest.dns-oarc.net


dig -t loc latlon.v4.powerdns.org

With thanks to Frank Habicht, Bert Hubert, Stephane Bortzmeyer, Jared Mauch et al. on the dns-operations /at/ dns-oarc.net mailinglist.