Do you manage the reputation of your IPs?

TL;DR: Sign up to the Self Service and start managing the reputation of your IPs. has been managing reputation of mailservers since over ten years. Since last year, you can provide input for your IPs directly and in a structured manner to the project.

When you properly manage the reputation of your IPs on the Self Service, you get…

  • improved reputation with over 100’000 spam filtering organisations using our data
  • improved reputation with blacklist operators who use our data to fine-tune their lists
  • hints about how a neutral third-party (that’s us) view your reputation, independent of user and/or sender influence

What does “properly manage the reputation” mean?

  1. You sign up to the Self Service and start to claim your domain.
  2. You create change requests to edit the meta data associated with this domain.
  3. You create change requests to add/remove IP addresses.
  4. Once we have an established channel to the responsible for a domain or a range of IPs (that is: to you), we may in some cases increase the reputation of your IPs in the database.
  5. You will receive feedback if we do not accept one of your IP addresses (eg due to too bad reputation, missing or inconsistent naming).
  6. You regularly review the data for consistency, accuracy and completeness.

There are over 10’000 users managing their own data on the Self Service. It’s important for the efficiency of the anti-spam community that we get a good coverage – so please join the effort to maintain a healthy email eco-system!