Abusive use of dnswl.org infrastructure – new method to enforce limits

Our previous method of enforcing limits caused some concern, both in public and private conversations. The main argument is that causing false negatives is not acceptable in principle, not even for cases of obvious abusive use.

We listened to these thoughts, and have now changed our approach. The criteria for blocking such abusive nameservers are still the same: repeated use way above the 100k / 24 hours limit and no response to reasonable attempts at contacting them. Also, most of the things in our previous news item referenced above are still valid.

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Sometime today, Nov 27 2010, amidst the hardware problems with one of our servers, we silently passed the milestone of 100’000 active entries in the dnswl.org database (it’s slightly more IP addresses, because there are also some ranges of IP addresses in our database). That data is used by about 50’000 organisations world-wide.

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