dnswl.org partners with MXTools for subscriptions

logo-mxtoolsdnswl.org has partnered with MXTools for subscriptions to dnswl.org data. MXTools is a global leader in providing IP and Domain Reputation Data along with anti-abuse solutions to network operators across a wide range of markets.

MXTools adds dnswl.org datafeed services to their existing portfolio of IP-based blocklists.

For dnswl.org, this partnership goes beyond the reseller services which MXTools will provide. It allows us to increase the scope and reach of dnswl.org data which in turns allows us to improve both the accuracy and the coverage of the whitelisting information.

For existing subscribers to dnswl.org data with a direct subscription, nothing changes, unless they prefer to be served by MXTools. If subscribers prefer to be served by MXTools, they can contact their MXTools representative or the dnswl.org team.

Beyond the datafeed services, MXTools and dnswl.org will work together on improving reputation data over the full lifecycle – from collection of data to distribution.

Last but not least we also hope to increase the ratio of IP ranges for which “owners” actively maintain their listings. If you are not already doing so, you should claim your DNSWL Id on the dnswl.org Self Service!

For more information on MXTools, please visit http://www.mxtools.com/.